Stuart Pearce admits he’s spotted one worrying weakness where Man City can ‘get done’

Stuart Pearce has identified a potential vulnerability in Manchester City’s gameplay despite their recent win against Brentford. While City secured a narrow victory after a disappointing draw with Chelsea, Pearce observed a pattern in recent performances.

In an interview with TalkSport, Pearce expressed his concern, stating, “They are too composed on the ball, not giving it away easily. They lure you into chasing, and then they turn and move beyond you. It resembles a basketball defense, defending the goal area while allowing width. However, in both the Chelsea game and yesterday’s match, City has shown susceptibility to being exploited behind.”

Pearce elaborated, “They play with a relatively high line during turnovers, and Brentford missed a couple of chances in the first half. Teams with pace and the ability to break City’s press quickly can expose this vulnerability.”

While City’s recent win elevated them to second place, just one point behind Liverpool, Pearce highlighted instances where opponents have exploited their high defensive line. He pointed out the challenges City faced against Wolves earlier in the season and how Chelsea scored by capitalizing on defensive lapses.

Although City’s pressing game is formidable, Pearce emphasized that teams capable of repeatedly breaking through and exploiting their defensive line with speed have found success. Despite occasional vulnerabilities, City’s overall dominance and pressing prowess make it challenging for opponents to capitalize consistently.


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