Gary Lineker can’t believe what he’s heard from Jude Bellingham after Man City game

Lineker’s Surprise at Bellingham’s Comments

Introduction: Former footballer and pundit Gary Lineker expresses disbelief at comments made by Jude Bellingham following the recent Champions League clash between Manchester City and Real Madrid.

The Match Recap:

  • Manchester City and Real Madrid drew 1-1 in the second-leg quarter-final tie.
  • City lost on penalties after extra time, allowing Real Madrid to advance to the semifinals.

Bellingham’s Remarks Critiqued:

  • Lineker highlights Bellingham’s praise for Real Madrid’s tactical freedom under Ancelotti.
  • Lineker questions the notion of “freedom” given Real Madrid’s defensive approach resembling that of a less attacking team like Luton.
  • Lineker suggests that while Real Madrid defended well, they were fortunate not to lose the game.

Real Lack of Freedom Against City:

  • Despite Bellingham’s comments, statistical analysis reveals City’s dominance.
  • City had 67% possession, 92% passing accuracy, and 33 shots compared to Real’s 33% possession, 82% passing accuracy, and eight shots.
  • The stark contrast in performance suggests Bellingham and Real Madrid had limited freedom on the field, with City dictating play throughout.


  • Lineker’s surprise at Bellingham’s comments stems from the stark reality of City’s dominance over Real Madrid during the match, contradicting Bellingham’s assertion of tactical freedom.

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