Steve Bruce shares what Pep Guardiola told him about ‘unbelievable’ Man City star back in 2020

In 2020, Steve Bruce disclosed insights from a conversation with Pep Guardiola regarding a standout player at Manchester City. With Guardiola’s extensive tenure at the club since 2016, he has overseen numerous player transitions. Yet, it’s intriguing to learn what the esteemed City manager shared with a former Premier League manager about one of his current talents.

Bruce shares what Guardiola told him about City star back in 2020

During a chat with BBC 5 Live Sport, Bruce reflected on an exchange he had with Pep before a game against his team. Pep expressed confidence in Foden, mentioning they didn’t need to replace Silva because they had a talented youngster in him. Bruce recalled this conversation from four or five years ago, marveling at Foden’s remarkable growth. Despite his youth, Foden has already secured multiple Premier League titles, a testament to his talent.

Silva’s departure from the Etihad Stadium in 2019 marked the end of a decade-long stint, during which he made 436 appearances, scoring 77 goals and providing 140 assists, while clinching four Premier League titles.

Foden’s rise to prominence, despite debuting in November 2017, underscores Guardiola’s belief in his abilities. Silva, too, endorsed Foden, affirming Manchester City’s future was secure with him in the lineup. Foden’s current season stats, boasting 21 goals and 10 assists in 44 games, validate the trust placed in him by Silva and Guardiola.


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