‘The enemy’… Sir Jim Ratcliffe now makes his feelings clear about Manchester City

The minority shareholder of Manchester United has previously lauded the efficient management of City as a football club, yet he has labeled them as “the enemy.” At 71 years old, he has openly declared his intention to dethrone the likes of Manchester City and Liverpool, reminiscent of Sir Alex Ferguson’s famous remark directed at the Reds. The British billionaire has also voiced his desire to defeat the Sky Blues on the field rather than banking on their alleged financial violations being confirmed by the Premier League.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe openly acknowledges his “hatred” for Manchester City. Being a lifelong Manchester United supporter, he has seemingly embraced the rivalry between his cherished club and City.

When asked which team he would prefer to see win the Premier League title among Manchester City, Liverpool, and Arsenal, Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s response was unequivocal: “I hate them all!”


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