“He gives everything!” – Benjamin Mendy opens up on his Man City teammates

Benjamin Mendy has opened up on a number of humorous topics surrounding his Manchester City teammates this week, in an exclusive feature with SoccerAM.

Every single City fan will be more than aware of Benjamin Mendy’s antics off the pitch, with the French international being relatively active on social media to say the least, providing us with an insight into the nature of the City dressing room. This week, the 25-year-old joined SoccerAM for their ‘Teammates 2.0‘ feature, where he discusses a number of topics including the ‘worst dressed player‘ and the ‘funny man‘ at Manchester City.

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On the topic of Manchester City’s best player, Mendy replied with the answer that many fans would provide themselves. Although, he did reassure viewers that it was a difficult question, stating there are many good players in the existing squad. He said: “This is a very hard question, all good players! The best? Kevin De Bruyne for me – amazing player! Crossing, how we do high pressing, he gives everything for us!”

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Then Mendy was asked to state the ‘funniest player‘ in the City squad, and surprise surprise, he named himself before recalling one of the many instances where he’s ‘pranked’ members of the squad before training.

I think… me! When we come in the morning, we see how the guys dress and put their clothes on the top of the dressing room. We say ‘we can sell these’ for £10, £12… It’s good for the dressing room.”

And on the topic of the ‘worst dressed player‘ at the club? Another predictable answer. ‘Benji’ opted for close friend Bernardo Silva, who seems to be on the receiving end of some stick regarding his dress sense when he topic arises among his teammates!

Bernardoooooo Silva! He’s my boy, from the beginning. I’ve known him from when we were younger. We talk, joke every day! It’s like I’ve known him from 10 years ago! But some days, the shoes, the socks…

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Ever wondered why the City full-back calls himself the ‘Big Fish’? Well he revealed all and it’s as self-explanatory as we first thought! Mendy went on to discuss his nickname in the Manchester City camp in quite humorous fashion! He said: “Nickname? Big Fish, Shark! Some call me Big Fish, because the big fish is the shark!”

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