World VAR III – A Month in the City

That’s right, football is back with an almighty and relentless bang. Dedicating your life to finding scathing tweets about Liverpool to like and retweet, before then complaining about Liverpool fans being obsessed with City because they mention a City player when talking about one of their best players is back on the cards, baby. Joe Butterfield runs you through Manchester City in August...

VAR and the repercussions on the soul of football.

VAR - Those three letters that have caused so much controversy and debate over just two weeks of Premier League action. We take a look at the decisions that have disgruntled the large majority of the Manchester City fanbase, and also how it could spark the beginning of the end of the game as we know it.

5 Things We Learned: Manchester City 2-2 Tottenham Hotspur (Premier League)

Heaven knows I’m miserable now following what was a hideously frustrating finish to a game that City dominated throughout and undoubtedly deserved to win. Whilst the decision to disallow Jesus’ would-be winner was sickening enough to observe, the blues were also denied a stone-wall penalty in the first half as Rodri was grappled and flung to the ground by Erik Lamela during an early City corner. Nevertheless, here are five things we learned from the game:

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