Breaking: Lionel Messi reveals conversation with Pep Guardiola about Man City

Lionel Messi has confirmed he has spoken with Pep Guardiola and revealed details about the conversation, during an exclusive interview with La Sexta TV on Sunday night.

There had been claims in the summer that the pair had exchanged messages at a time when the Barcelona forward seemed highly uncertain about his future at the Camp Nou. There were even suggestions that Manchester City had prepared the economics of a potential move for one of football’s all-time greats, however a reluctancy to force a move via court scuppered a move.


It is a well known fact that Lionel Messi and Pep Guardiola do indeed have a close relationship, following their successful period together in Catalunya, and it has now been confirmed by the player that the pair did hold a conversation.

Speaking exclusively to La Sexta TV, Lionel Messi stated, “I don’t know when I last got a message from Pep [Guardiola] but we have spoken yes. About how things are, how he’s doing at Manchester City, how things are going here. For me, he’s the best coach…”

The 32-year-old forward also revealed details about his current stance on possible negotiations in January over a free transfer in the summer.

As per comments relayed by Fabrizio Romano, Messi has said, “I’m not negotiating as a free agent with any club. As I said, I have nothing clear until the end of the season. Let’s see how we do this season and what happens…”


Further emphasising how close the Argentine could have been to possibly making a switch to Manchester City last summer, Lionel Messi did confirm to La Sexta that had he had taken on Barcelona directly at court over the contractual situation, he would have won.

As quoted by Fabrizio Romano, Messi has said, “Leaving for free last summer? I knew that if we went to court, we would have won. Not just one lawyer told me that, many did. But I didn’t want to leave Barça in that way.”

Jordi Évole, who was interviewing Lionel Messi for La Sexta, did try his best to gather some sort of hint as to where the player’s heart lied if he was to leave Barcelona.

When offered travel guides to both Manchester and Paris, the 32-year-old responded firmly by saying, “No, no, you keep them.”



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