Leaked: 2021/2022 Man City kit details

Yes, it’s only October and we’re barely even up and running in the 2020/21 season, however the first primitive details surrounding the 2021/2022 PUMA-produced Manchester City kit range have emerged on Monday night.

Following on from a range that certainly got people talking in the run-up to the new season at the Etihad, designers over at the German sports giants are already putting together the designs for next season’s range – and news that could be welcomed by City fans on Monday evening is that it appears to be all the blues for the home, away, and third shirts next season.


According to an exclusive reveal from ‘GolDeSergio’ on YouTube, as relayed by OFOBALL on Twitter, the official names of the colours set to be used across all three shirts have come to light. The aforementioned leaks are as follows:

Home shirt colours: ‘Team Light Blue’ + ‘Puma White’

Away shirt colours: ‘Puma White’ + ‘Ocean Depths’ [As seen in Photo 1 below]

Third shirt colours: ‘Peacoat’ [As seen in Photo 2 below] + ‘Puma White’

2021/2022 Away Shirt Secondary Colour
2021/2022 Third Shirt Predominant Colour

It is important to note that the kits linked to the colours shown above will not be made up solely of that colour. As revealed, each of the three kits will be combined with a standard white – with only the away shirt having white as the main colour, being combined with a shade of blue.

No further details have been provided at this stage, however the use of blue and white across all three kits next season while undoubtedly give Manchester City fans some sense of excitement albeit being only October and an entire season still to be played out.


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