“The kind of magic that football fans enjoy when they watch you play.” – Sergio Agüero writes a touching tribute to David Silva

Sergio Agüero has provided an emotive and eulogising foreword to a new book commemorating David Silva’s decade at Manchester City.

Agüero, who has played with Silva for nearly nine years, wrote about the ‘magic’ that the Spaniard delivers on the pitch as well as his ‘valuable’ talent for assisting his team-mates.

‘El Mago – A Decade of Magic’ is a homage to one of City’s best-ever players, covering his beginnings in Gran Canaria and his triumph in the World Cup and European Championships with the Spanish national team. All of this is told through friends and colleagues such as Pep Guardiola, Andres Iniesta, and Kevin De Bruyne.

“To assist means to give, to deliver, to tag along,” Aguero wrote. “All of that becomes more valuable if you can do that in a natural, genuine way.”

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“When you factor in the competitiveness of the modern football scene, a whole new dimension is added – it evidences the generosity of those who assist.

That’s who you are, David. That’s your brand and your values. What really enlarges your accomplishments is that what you do in the playing field is a truthful reflection of your personality outside of it.”

Silva and Aguero have combined for 25 goals together, the 4th-highest total for a pair of players in Premier League history.

“That’s the real magic, the kind of magic those who are close to you have witnessed throughout the years. The kind of magic that football fans enjoy when they watch you play.

For each picture-perfect assist, for each subtle pass, for each cunning play, in each goal, that’s where you’ll be. When anyone wants to learn what it really means to put the team over the self, that’s where you’ll be too.”

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