Guardiola confirms there is NO ‘break clause’ in his contract – Pochettino mentioned

It is alleged by the Daily Mail that when Pep Guardiola extended his contract with Manchester City until the 2020/21 season, a release clause was added that would allow the Spaniard to cut his reign short at the end of the current season. However, in the pre-Arsenal press conference, the manager confirmed that is NOT the case.

In the original report it states that in order for this to have become a reality, certain stipulations would have to be met in order to satisfy the club. The good news for Manchester City fans is that the club officials are confident that Pep will honour his contract, despite a poor start to the season. Adding to that, Guardiola has denied that such a clause even exists in his contract.

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Whilst they the club remain confident Pep will stay, they are not naive enough to have no back-up plan in place, should Guardiola have a change of heart. The tentative search for a successor has already begun, with the club singling out ex-Tottenham coach Mauricio Pochettino as an ideal replacement.

It should be noted that just last month Guardiola stated that he was in fact open to extending his deal even further:

“I’m open [to it] yes. It’s not about what the club wants or not. For me, I want to see my players and the reaction of my players and everything. It is not as simple as I want to extend. I want to see the club, I want to see the players, I want to see how we are still working together.”


Overall, it seems as if Guardiola will be content at City for as long as the players are responsive and still willing to continue learning and progressing under his stewardship. However, if he gets the sense that their respect or commitment is waning, then City may be in for a more turbulent summer than expected.

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