Player Ratings: Liverpool 3-1 Manchester City (Premier League)

Manchester City are now nine points behind league leaders Liverpool after tonights 3-1 loss and now drop to fourth place. City concede three at Anfield; we’ve been here before so let’s not mess around. Here’s how we rated the players…

Claudio Bravo– 3

Bravo only solidified his status tonight as the worst City keeper of modern times. How many goals is he going to cost us before he gets shipped out? Totally culpable for the third goal and should have been better for the first two.

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Kyle Walker- 4

I can kind of understand why Walker was picked tonight- he was good against Southampton and is our best physical defender. But on the ball, he’s a headless chicken. Tonight he gave it away too often and failed to track Mané for the third. We have one of the best right-backs in the world sitting on the bench- for what?

Fernandinho- 5

Fernandinho is a club legend. I don’t doubt that he’s also doing a far better job than most midfielders would do when shoved into central defence. With that said, he needed to do more today to keep his backline in shape and wasn’t as composed as we demand from our centre-backs.

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John Stones- 5

Stones was alright today, and I genuinely mean that positively. It would have been understandable, easy even, for him to collapse as some of his teammates did. Yet he stayed fairly resolute, calm and didn’t shy away from the ball. I hope this is the start of his integration back into a first-choice centre back for us.

Angeliño– 6

This was such a conflicted performance from Angeliño. On the one hand he was all over the place defensively. His positioning was poor, to say the least. But all in all I have to admire the balls he showed to step up and make himself one of our best attacking players, particularly in the latter stages. He showed characteristics of a potentially top player.

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Rodri- 5

What City fans didn’t expect with Rodri was how little cover he offers the defence in comparison with Fernandinho. However, once we sort that problem out it’s clear that we’re a better side when he’s in it. His passing was one of the highlights of a bad night.

Kevin de Bruyne– 4

Not been himself lately and today was no improvement. Passing was below his standard, many crosses went astray and in general didn’t seem sharp.

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Ilkay Gundogan- 4

How many times do we need to see that Gundogan at 8 doesn’t work? In that position he creates almost nothing and rarely scores. The pass to Fabinho for the opener was unforgivable and changed the whole game. He improved later on, but still made the worst error of the game.

Bernardo Silva- 6

It was at least some encouragement to see Bernardo get a goal late in the game. He showed a spark in that moment that we haven’t seen enough of this season. Still feel he should be playing in the middle.

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Raheem Sterling– 7

Sterling didn’t shrink away from the spotlight in this game, and while that’s about as good as I can say, he was still our best player. Everything positive City did came through Raheem.

Sergio Aguero- 4

Can’t say much more than this was an immensely disappointing performance from Kün, who needs to be better. Didn’t really do anything right.

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Gabriel Jesus- 4

Really, really poor on the ball today and missed some good chances.

Unused Subs: Carson, Cancelo, Otamendi, Foden, Mahrez and David Silva

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