“Of course I’m frustrated” – Pep Guardiola reacts to VAR controversy

Pep Guardiola made his feelings known on the topic of VAR following Manchester City’s 0-2 victory at Selhurst Park, in a game that involved yet another moment of controversy from those at Stockley Park.

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As expected, Guardiola entered his classic ‘sarcasm mode’ when asked for his own views on the topic of VAR. The Manchester City boss not only appeared fed up on the topic of today’s decision, but also referenced previous incidents including David Silva’s ‘dive’ against Bournemouth, and the handball against Aymeric Laporte in the 2-2 draw between the Champions and Spurs.

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“It’s diving. It’s diving, it’s diving”, were the exact words of Guardiola when asked about the De Bruyne decision at Selhurst Park. He continued; “Every weekend, its diving. Bournemouth, here. But against Tottenham it was hands, real hands in the 94th minute. It’s diving again.”

Frustrated Pep? Well, that’s exactly what one journalist asked the Manchester City boss, with Guardiola replying: “Of course, I am.” When asked whether he hoped VAR would improve the game, Guardiola finally became fed up, responding; “Next question.”

(Photo by IAN KINGTON/AFP via Getty Images)

Although Pep Guardiola seemed pretty content with the performance of his side against Crystal Palace, it seems as though he’s relatively fed up with the lack of consistency when it comes to VAR. Unfortunately for Pep, and Manchester City, it’s hardly likely to end just here…

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