Player Ratings: Norwich City 3-2 Manchester City (Premier League)

It was a massively difficult Saturday afternoon for Manchester City, shockingly losing away at Carrow Road. It’s expected to say not many people saw this coming, but what was unexpected was the Canaries performance. They came to play today and were fantastic in doing so, holding off our boys in blue to the bitter end, and honestly that’s how they made City look at times; like boys. So let’s get into it and rate the Man City team in their first loss of this Premier League season.

Ederson – 5

Not many goalkeepers would get an average rating after conceding three goals, but there wasn’t much Ederson could do about any of them. He was let down by poorly defended set-pieces and instantly regrettable mistakes by the men in front of him.

Kyle Walker – 3

The best asset of City’s right-back is his pace, which did very little to help during Norwich’s attacks. For the second goal, Walker was caught in two minds on who to mark, succeeding only in ensuring Cantwell stayed onside for a tap in. In what was a contender for most bizarre moment of the night, he then berated Kevin Friend for not giving offside long after VAR had already done it’s job.

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Nicolas Otamendi – 3

For our second contender of bizarre moments we welcome The General, whose attention span managed to go AWOL while some of the most in-form forwards in the Premier League lurked behind him, dispossessing him with ease and ruining any comeback hopes with a third goal. To lighten this up and say something positive; his positional play on the left side of defence was decent. It’s just a shame that he was there at all.

John Stones – 4

Our saviour defender looked okay on his return to the starting line-up, all things considered. Stones wasn’t particularly at fault for any of the goals, and did the right thing in trying to maintain the offside line for the second. His crosses out to the flanks weren’t too bad either. Sadly, it’s just not possible to give any of this defence an average rating.

Oleksandr Zincenko – 3

The Ukrainian has come under some unfair criticism in recent weeks, but that won’t be the case after this match. It’s all justified. He played too far forward while not contributing much to the attack. His delayed dive after being slightly clipped on the heel while the ball was out of play just edges the competition for what was most bizarre today.

Rodri – 6

Dubbed “the wall” by match commentary, Rodri was difficult to get past… until he wasn’t. By and large though he had a good game, holding the ball well and intercepting passes. He was beaten easily in the build up to the second Norwich goal, but made up for it by bagging his first Premier League goal in the dying minutes.


Ilkay Gundogan – 4

Ilkay was afforded no time to be silky. The constant Norwich press meant his lack of time on the ball limited his contributions significantly. He was substituted on 57 minutes and it should have been sooner.

David Silva – 5

Substituted at the same time as Gundogan for similar reasons. Some clever passes created a few attacking opportunities in the first half, but the magic just wasn’t there.

Bernardo Silva – 5

Maybe Bernardo has played a few too many games in recent weeks. It didn’t look like he’d come back from the international break at all for most of the game. The Portuguese had more joy when he switched to left wing and provided a nice cross for City’s first goal, rescuing him from getting probably his first ever bad player rating.

Raheem Sterling – 5

It was a case of what could have been for Raheem. His header off the post could have changed the game so soon after Norwich’s had scored again. Sterling was allowed a lot of space on the left but was too slow to act before being closed down. Like Bernardo, it felt as though fatigue was an issue.

Sergio Aguero – 7 (Man of the Match)

Besides from a few more goals it was a typical Sergio performance. Getting into the right space, while creating himself chances where there didn’t look to be any. But for great goalkeeping by Krul, Aguero would have scored more. It was a true positive to take out of an unexpectedly dismal Manchester City performance.

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Gabriel Jesus – 5

The right substitute to make in theory, replacing David Silva, but Norwich had crowded the centre of the pitch from the start of the game. Despite Jesus’ best efforts, there wasn’t enough room for him to manoeuvre in.

Rahid Mahrez – N/A

Coming on with around 20 minutes to go means there should have been enough time to rate him, but I’d rather pretend it didn’t happen.

Kevin De Bruyne – 5

If you don’t start Kevin, you better win. Thirty minutes and change just wasn’t enough for him to impact the game. By that time Norwich were ready to see things out and continued to defend exceptionally. A trademark De Bruyne pin-point pass was just what City needed – from the first minute.

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